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The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer - Michelle Hodkin



   Well this book was definitely interesting. The cover is gorgeous and the blurb was super intriguing, and my library had this in, so I figured, why not?  I am glad I did pick it up. This book grabbed me from the first page and had me hanging in the wind throughout the whole darn thing. I was racing through this so I could finally have some answers!



   I loved trying to guess and figure out what exactly was happening to/with Mara. I had a whole slew of theories and to be quite honest I'm still not exactly sure if I was right or wrong about a few of them! There was a super cool story here, and the way it came out, almost painfully slow, just amped me up and made me not want to put this book down until I figured it all out. It was brilliantly done. I was up until 2am last night before I forced myself to put it down so I could sleep a little before waking up and being a responsible member of society.  


   Mara was interesting to say the least. I'm not sure if I really like her or not so much yet though, if that makes any sense. She had some great moments, but she also spent a majority of this book being pretty obsessed with Noah. I felt like at times, with all the crazy shit going on with Mara, ya know, hallucinations and numerous deaths piling up around her, that maybe she would have been a little more concerned with figuring that stuff out rather than how hot Noah looks today and whatnot.



She could be mildly frustrating at times with all her pushing big things aside and dismissing them. But then she had some pretty awesome moments when she was dealing with Noah in the beginning. 


   Noah was a pretty good character. Although I really wondered through a good chunk of the book what it even was that made him want to get to know and be around Mara.



 All became a little clearer by the end though. I was surprised with what his deal ended up being. I really had no idea that was coming, and that was a nice thing. There were some nice secondary characters too, Jamie was usually good for some comedic relief, I only wish there would have been a little more of him. Daniel, Mara's older brother, was also a nice addition to the story, he was sweet and always looked out for his little sister.


  There was a nice creepy element at play here with Mara's hallucinations causing some chilling scenes. I loved all the mirror play! That stuff freaks me out! 



  I will definitely be reading the second book. My only hopes for it are to have a little more creepy and a little less teenagery boy obsession. There is a lot of potential for really good story here and I would hate to see that buried under all the trivial fluff.