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Dust to Dust (Experiment in Terror #9) - Karina Halle



   Well that's it, Experiment in Terror has come to an end, at least Perry and Dex's story. There will be some spin-off books with Ada which I will be looking forward to! But man am I going to miss Perry and Dex, This series as a whole as been one hell of a ride. Halle has put me through the ringer time and time again throughout this series, and managed to do so again in this last book. And I thoroughly enjoyed it.


    I absolutely LOVE how everything really came full circle here at the end. Things that we believed dead and buried came back for one last goodbye, which was awesome! There were some pretty freaky parts...




 *shudders* giant, cat sized spiders.




   There was still some classic Dex one-liners, although not quite as much humor in this book as was in others. It was also nice to see this book pick right up from where it left off in Ashes to Ashes. I was kind of dying after that cliffhanger so it was good to jump right into the action in this last book. Dust to Dust was pretty fast paced, and didn't really slow down.


    If you have made it to this book, I'd say that you, like me, are probably pretty smitten with this series, and Dust to Dust fits right in with the rest. So why not 5 stars?? Well, I guess it was a case of expectations vs. reality for me.




I was thinking this last book was going to be EPIC with the likes of which we haven't seen yet in the series. It's just Halle has surprised me time and time again, taking this series to all new heights with each next addition, so I kind of had some outrageously high expectations for this series finale. It's kind of like the picture above, does it look like what I was hoping for? No. But....is it still going to be delicious either way?