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Magic Breaks - Ilona Andrews



    Well here we are at the end of book 7 in the Kate Daniels series, and just like by the end of book 1,

Ilona Andrews is all...



  And I'm just here like...



    Magic Breaks is what we have all been waiting for, finally coming face to face with Roland. Everything has been leading us here this whole time. I was so pleasantly surprised with the way everything went down. All I'm really going to say about it here though is that, everything we have learned of him thus far did not fully prepare me for this first meeting. He is maybe even more a mystery to me than he was before! And I have a feeling I'm going to love figuring him out.




  The way Kate handled him was a true testament to just how far she has grown throughout this series. She has found herself having to deal with certain things in different ways now that she isn't alone anymore. We've seen that for a few books now, but the way she handled finally seeing her father, the one person most of her life was centered around destroying at any cost, that was the true test of just how far she has come. I was impressed.




    This book has the same sarcastic humor that we love and expect from this series. There wasn't as much Curran in this one, but it was ok. It made sense that Kate go through some of these things on her own, just knowing he would be there was enough. Also, when Curran was there, HOLLY HELL did things get interesting. I was completely shocked at the end with his big announcement!



  That's what I love about this series, and the construction of it. This somehow caught me off guard, I wasn't expecting this at all, but it totally made sense once it happened. I could go back 3-4 books and see the seeds of this decision being planted. There were quite a few things that happened spanning over multiple books in this series that lead to this huge thing. It's glorious. These authors know how to lay down some serious ground work. I've come to see just how much even all the seemingly little things all mean something here. They are all working towards something big.


   I really look forward to seeing what happens next. I honestly have no idea what to expect. So many big changes in this addition to the series, if you haven't picked it up yet, do yourself a favor and get on that! You won't be disappointed.