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Magic Rises -  Ilona Andrews


    Yep. That's me today. Hungover, and playing the highlight reel in my head to remind myself that it was totally worth it.  I just want to start out by saying that the construction of each of these books is just incredible. I kind of imagine it being something like putting together a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle without having glanced at the big finished picture first, and this epic writing duo is there helping you to piece it all together.



Sometimes it starts out feeling a little intimidating, so many little pieces, friends, enemies, power players and acquaintances (new and old) to keep track of, and after having constructed 5 previous puzzles like this, you just know that there will be more than one mystery shape to solve, and you are going to most likely make some false predictions along the way. It happens. Sometimes even though two pieces appear to go together, appearances can be deceiving, and you are surprised to find that they don't fit there at all. Being a Kate Daniels puzzle, it will almost definitely kick you in the ass a few times, no worries though, you'll kind of like it by the end, and you'll also laugh a whole lot along the way.



 So don't get discouraged, you still have your super authors here to help you out! They will be there the whole time, giving you encouragement and helping to piece together some of the smaller things first. And before you know it you are finally seeing the bigger picture and you are racing to get it all put together at last. Finally when it all comes together you can just sit back and marvel at the beauty of the journey, and the outcome alike.



   Yeah.... this book rocked my socks. I liked the new things brought to the table in this addition to the series. I enjoyed the change of scenery and the forebodingness that came along with it. You knew from the get-go things weren't going to pleasant or easy in this place, and that only helped to amp up the other dominating and adverse emotions going on with all our beloved characters. Magic Rises made you question a lot of things, things that you thought you knew for sure to be true. We said hello to some new characters and beasties, and goodbye to others.



    This book will take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Honestly warring emotions might have just been the main monster of this book! It was a little different to see some extremes from Kate that we have not seen in this excess before. There was a lot she had to hold back, all of our characters did in the situation they were in. It was hard to see them put up with as much as they did at times, but it also went to show just how far Kate in particular has come since the first book. She's done a lot of growing up, and it shows a lot. On the flip side, you get a brief glimpse at what Kate is capable of when she doesn't hold back, she definitely tests some new boundaries. Lots of progression in the series by the end. It was a don't miss book. Although I consider them all don't miss books in this series! I can't wait to see what happens next!