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Jack & Jill - Kealan Patrick Burke


   Well that was just all around creepy. This was a lot darker than I had anticipated, but I kind of dug it. It was a novella so it was very short, but there was definitely enough there to unnerve you. I never really connected with any of the characters, but that was ok. Instead I was mildly freaked out and pretty impressed with how well this short was put together. While I am not usually a fan of ambiguous endings, I think this one TOTALLY worked for this particular story. The main character Gillian was struggling with whether she was going crazy or not, and in the end it was left up for you, as the reader, to decide what you thought.



    This might have been one of the only times that I was actually glad a book ended like that. Which is probably why I bumped the rating up to 3 stars rather than 2-2.5.