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Darkness Falls: Reveler Series 1 -  'Erin Kellison'



    Where did this book come from??  I really enjoyed Darkness Falls. Admittedly I am kind of a nerd when it comes to dreams. I have always been fascinated by them. I even attempted to read Sigmund Freud's The Interpretation of Dreams as a teenager, although ironically enough all I really accomplished was reading about a page or so at a time and then would instantly fall into a deep sleep. I might actually attempt to read it again now that I'm a little older with a little more patients for reading informational text. I also have a mild obsession with Freddy Kruger. I absolutely loved the idea of this villain that could control the dream world, and prey on his helpless sleeping prey. And he was the ultimate smartass so, who could ask for more?! Erin Kellison takes the dream world and makes it her bitch in this book! Darkness Falls was quite like the Reve ( the shared dream world in this book) it's alluring, it beckons you to come in and explore this beautiful thing so full of possibilities. And once you've had a taste of this compelling world, it gets under your skin and you NEED to have more, do more, see MORE.



   This was the first book in the Reveler series, and it really only gives you a small taste of what I can only hope will be an amazing series. This a world in which people, for a hefty cost, can partake in society's newest drug of choice, communal dream sharing, aka the Reve. You already know how incredible dreams can be, you can fly, slay dragons, fall into your most intimate desires, all without any of the very real repercussions of the real world. Now imagine that this dream world could be crafted for you, and you could share it with other real people. Fancy a beach vacation, maybe living a little dangerously and climbing a molten flowing volcano, dancing with no inhibitions in paradise and having a sinful time with a stranger, well Reve is the place for you.



There are no rules in the dream world, no pain, no death, only complete freedom from the mundane constrictions of the real world. Sounds perfect right? At least that's what most people think. In reality, like any avenue for something that sounds too good to be true, it usually is. There are some people that would use Reve for more sinister things.


   "She'd soon learn that the Reve- pretty vacation beaches, gaming mazes, or even army war simulations- was full of liars. Reve was made for liars."




Lucky for the people partaking in the Reve, along with the people that would use it for their nefarious purpose, there were also the people that would serve as a police of sorts of the dream world, the Chimera. And what an interesting bunch of people these Chimera are. They seem to be mostly composed of people with some real talents at navigating and using the Reve. I can't wait to see more of these guys!


   Along with getting introduced to this magical dreamscape, we also get to meet Jordan, a newbie to the Reve craze, and her wild child sister Maisie. Jordan is a reserved, responsible adult that had been taking care of her younger more carefree sister since the death of their parents some years ago. Maisie convinces her straight laced sister to go with her into the Reve, and from there basically all hell breaks loose once certain people get a glimpse at Jordan's natural abilities at navigating the Reve. She quickly becomes a hot commodity to both the Chimera and the people who would seek to use her abilities to meet their own dirty ends. Lucky for her she has Rook, Chimera recruiter and all around hunky, dangerous and naughty thought invoking badass, looking out for her. Suddenly the Reve is much more than a fantasy. The more Jordan gets exposed to this dream world, the more she sees the darker side of it. Besides the normal baddies there seem to be even more nightmarish things lurking on the outskirts of paradise. While you almost only barely scratch the surface of that, it was enough to spark my incessant curiosity. I need to know more about these rogues that live in the shadows of your darkest nightmares.



   This was a completely unique, fast paced, intriguing story. While I do wish it were a little longer, that only goes to say how much I enjoyed it. I'll be jumping right into the next installment, Lay Me Down.


    I received this book from Fire Flower Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review