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Cursed - Jennifer L. Armentrout



    While the theme of Cursed definitely felt similar to some things we've seen before, Armentrout certainly put her own spin on it, and even referenced at least the main one I was thinking it was similar to....X-men!



   I liked the creeptastic idea of this ramshackle "family" of gifted kids all being rescued/recruited by this Cromwell guy. I think that Ember had good reason for reserving her trust for Cromwell and most of his people, I can see there being even more secrets and animosity there in the future. Hayden seemed like an interesting guy, and I liked how he was with Ember, when he wasn't completely stalking her from the shadows....that part was just a little off putting for me. His gift was pretty interesting, I'm not sure I even get what all he can do. And the end of the book left a lot open for the possibility of exploring everyone's gifts a lot more, and unraveling the mystery that Ember and her family, the Facility and even Cromwell and his freakish family.