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Second Grave on the Left (Charley Davidson #2) - Darynda Jones


   I am really liking this series. I think fans of Kate Daniels books would definitely dig these. Charley is maybe one of the biggest smartass characters I have read, and I of course, LOVE IT! She constantly has me cracking up throughout every chapter. When she dubbed her captors...


"Evil Riggs and Evil Murtaugh"


I laughed for awhile. Who doesn't like a good Lethal Weapon reference?!


And the ironic Tshirt and bumper sticker titles for each chapter are equally as entertaining for me.

     Second Grave on the Left was just as great as it's predecessor. My only real complaint was that I was hoping to have had more Reyes! He made a few appearances, but not as many as I would have liked and unfortunately not with the same sexy tone that was riddled throughout the first book. But we did get to find out more about him as a person and a supernatural entity, which was nice. The more I find out about him, only raises more questions, and I can't seem to get enough. Maybe I should join his fan club ;)

    I'm starting to truly understand that there really is never a dull day in Charley Davidson's world. While she was trying to find Reyes's corporeal body, she was also attempting to find Cookie's missing friend Mimi, which turned out to land Charley in someone's crosshairs yet again. There was also the added mystery of the dead guy that resided in Cookie's car, and some pretty revealing family drama with the Davidson's. So there was a lot going on. But with ample amounts of caffeine, gusto, and snark, Charley powered through it all. I do enjoy the multiple mysteries going on, but I also would have been happy to have maybe one or two less, to have a little more of something else in it's place. Maybe some more Reyes and Charley romance! Just sayin.

    We also get to see Charley uncover a little more of what she can do as the Grim Reaper, which as it turns out is pretty nifty!


 I think we have only just scratched the surface though, and it will probably just get more interesting from here. I really liked this book and can't wait to see what catastrophes await Charley in the following book.