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Prodigy - Marie Lu


     Prodigy was an impressive second book in the Legend series. The whole world was really opened up and explored in this addition. The first book, I feel like, was more character based, we got to know June and Day and their background stories, what them tick, etc. We also got a feel for some of the flaws in the totalitarian government that ruled over them. In Prodigy that whole system was blown wide open for us. We got to see the whole picture, where it originated, why it was the way it was, and the added bonus of an even bigger picture.

      This book picked up right where Legend left off. Day and June were together and had just escaped from the government and the execution of Day's older brother. There was some definite unspoken tension between the two. Which ultimately does come to a head throughout the story. I loved the interactions between these two! They clearly had strong feelings for each other, but amidst all the crazy stuff they had going on in the present and the terrible things that had happened in the previous book, there was a lot of trepidation and unease between the two when it came to where they stood with each other, especially romantically. There was a little bit of that romance here, but I really appreciate that it wasn't the epicenter of the story. They still were trying to figure out if they could fully even trust the other, not to mention all the other people they were surrounded by.

      After June and Day join the Patriots, they get caught up in their scheme to over throw the Republic with them. We get to meet back up with Tess, and Kaede, who are both working with the Patriots. While I wasn't impressed with Kaede in the first book, and really through much of this one, she surprised me maybe more than anyone by the end of this book. I appreciate that Tess was a girl growing up quickly, but I really found how jealous and focused on Day and June's relationship she was really off putting here. There was so much more important stuff going on that it only did the opposite of show me she was growing up, it made me think she was still very childish. But then again, she is a child. I guess it was hard to keep that fact at the fore front of your mind when you have all the other characters that are essentially children as well, but they definitely don't carry on as such. 



        We also got to meet some new characters in Prodigy. I for one liked Anden right away, even though I wasn't necessarily convinced that he was what he was claiming to be either. This whole book was centered around that though. You spent the entire time not sure who to trust, whether it be the Republic, the Patriots, the Colonies, or each individual character. There were double agents, secret cabals, backstabbers, liars, sneaks, and no one really knew had noble intentions and who did not. I loved this aspect of the story, it kept you on your toes and completely engulfed from beginning to end.

      And oh what an ending that was. I can't say I saw that coming. It kind of floored me. You are an evil genius Marie Lu.


And a pretty kick ass artist too, the drawings I posted in this review were done by none other than, Marie Lu herself! How cool is that?!


    I can't even begin to imagine what the hell is going to happen in the next book, Champion. Seriously, I have no clue how things are going to work out, or even if they will. This author is clearly not afraid to take risks and devastate her readers when she wants to.



I will forgive her though, because it was brilliant. I love a good surprise twist, and the series seems to be riddled with them. I can't wait to see how things play out.