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Beautiful Nightmares - Lauren Hammond



    Whoa. Lauren Hammond, you have screwed with my mind throughout this entire series, I seriously feel like my own sanity needs to be evaluated after reading this! You write insanity like no author I have read before, you have managed to suck me into your delusional world and made me question everything!



This kind of writing is outstanding. But there are things I am so very confused about. I don't know if that was deliberate play, just to leave so many questions unanswered in the supposed last book in the series. There was an exert at the end of the book though from what appeared to be Aurora's book. And I read in a review of this book that the author said some questions left unanswered in Adelaide's story will be answered in Aurora's. I just had no idea that this series was continuing on, I was under the impression going into reading Beautiful Nightmares that this was the final book in the series, so I was a little disappointed to still be so confused as to what the hell was real or not in the story.

I thought this would finally be the LONG awaited book of answers, and at only a little over 100 pages on my nook, and having had waited over a year for it, I was hoping for a little more than I had got. It was a little hard to get right back in to such a complex story after so much time having passed between books. I wish I would have reread the other 2 books before starting this one so it all would have been fresh in my mind. I suggest to other people to do just that, so you aren't playing catchup throughout most of this book like I was. I still have quite a few burning questions, mainly what the hell is the REAL story with Damien???!! I have a theory about this, but unfortunately that's all I have because Beautiful Nightmares raised more questions about the truth of Damien then it did answer them.

      Poor Adelaide's story just continued to get even more troubled and heart crushing than it was before. You definitely get a better understanding of what brought her to Oak Hill in the first place, and why her mind is as confused as it is. Sometimes the mind does funny things to protect you from a terrible reality. It's a defense mechanism.



Be prepared for some tears to flow. Adelaide's is one of the truly saddest stories I have ever read. The few glimpses of happiness for her were very short lived. This book, along with the others has thrown me for curveballs. I have been blindsided with hard truths throughout it all, and it only made the experience more enjoyable for me. While I am sad to see where Adelaide's story had ended, I am really excited to get more of Aurora's story in the future, and hopefully in turn finally find a few answers about Adelaide along the way.



Everything in this book screams bleak and unfortunate, from the dismal setting at Oak Hill Asylum, to Adelaide and her whole families story, or even her mental state. I honestly felt the dreariness coming off the pages!  I'm going to go find something cheery to do now, this book has left me feeling raw, slightly unhinged and a little forlorn. I need a Disney movie or something to balance myself out lol.