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Pack Challenge - Shelly Laurenston

2.75 stars

     Well that was something. The story here was pretty interesting, Sara's life was definitely changing in a lot of ways. I do like a good changeling story, and there was a decent one here, it was just buried under a lot of over the top characters. Sara as a wolf changeling who hadn't turned yet, after being sheltered and hidden from her pack most of her life by her crazy Grandma. She was completely unaware of what she was, but luckily she had a good bunch of friends, and unbeknownst to her a couple different packs of wolves that were all watching out for her through the years.


Add to the list of things that dear Sara isn't aware of, the fact that she had a pride of angry lions and lionesses seeking her out to finally end her life once and for all, after a failed attempt when she was a child that resulted in her parent's deaths.



Good thing, Zach, destined Alpha male of the Magnus Pack is coming to town, to protect and help Sara, their long lost pack member, and you know give her a bunch of orgasms before the inevitable show down between the wolves and lions.



     I get that wolf changelings are going to be more aggressive than the average Joe, but everyone's personality was so extreme. It was kind of like a book version of soap opera acting, it was ultra dramatic and a little overdone.



They were all extremely aggressive (even the non shifters), bitchy, dominant, and honestly a little crazy, ohhhh and let's not forget they were all outrageously hot for each other. I mean seriously, they spent half their time alternating between wanting to punch each other and have sex, or maybe both at the same time because they are just kinky like that. There were a few times that I laughed at some of the outrageous behavior, but for the most part it just made me roll my eyes a little too many times. I do appreciate that Sara and her friends were some tough ladies, but I think this could have been accomplished without making them be so obnoxious and bitchy all the time.


I have heard so many good things about this series, so I would be willing to read the next book and see how that goes. I just hope that the character's personalities aren't quite so outrageous.