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Maybe Someday - Colleen Hoover


     It has to be said how innovative this book truly is. It took the whole reading experience to a whole new level. Having the soundtrack to go along with this story was nothing short of amazing. It combined two of my favorite things, a great story and good music. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I also loved the music. It was woven through this whole story flawlessly, having one without the other would severely diminish the impact that they had when brought together.

     I love a good first line, something that jumps right out and grabs a hold of your attention, and "I just punched a girl in the face." was pretty epic as far as kickass first lines in a book. Sydney was a great character. She was strong, funny, and thoughtful. Ridge was also another great character. I didn't see the added twist of his "condition" coming at all. I thought it was super cool and I really dug the whole added element of how he and Sydney communicated. Especially when it was through the music that they wrote together. That was so beautiful.


It was hard not to fall for him, and root for him and Sydney, even though what was happening between them wasn't necessarily right at the time. It is truly a feat, in my eyes, for a storyteller to gap that bridge between people doing something that could normally be considered wrong and to wanting that very thing to happen. I also liked the way the author went about their whole relationship, while they definitely could have done things differently, Sydney and Ridge never really crossed any terrible lines, they flirted with some and even got close to a fault but they handled their attraction and urges in a pretty respectable way for the most part. It also made the love that developed between them that much more special to me, it was a lot more than just a sexual thing. To make matters even more difficult, Maggie was so darn loveable too. As much as I so wanted things to work out for Sydney and Ridge, it was crushing to think of Maggie getting hurt in the process.

    I am very glad things worked out the way that they did for everyone involved, but I will say that what happened was the only real way I could see for Mrs. Hoover to take as far as having a safe ending. It could have played out a bunch of different ways, but this was definitely the neatest of them all. I liked that, and didn't at the same time, if that makes any sense lol. I think I also could have appreciated an outcome that was a little risky. It wasn't a big deal, but sometimes when things aren't wrapped up in their pretty little bows it can make me appreciate them that much more. Because unfortunately life isn't always sugar coated lollipops and I can respect that coming through in some of the stories that I enjoy. That was really my only hesitation with my feelings about this book. Everything else was amazing. I can't wait to see what this author comes out with next, this book blew me away.