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Wrecked - Priscilla West


   Wrecked lived up to it's title in both expected and unexpected ways. I was not prepared for this book to be as funny as it was.  I laughed out loud quite a few times.  Lorrie was pretty annoying at times, but man did she have some amazing one liners! My favorite being...
I just about died when she said that, and even mentioned him getting one in general was a riot! Who does that?! I would have totally pretended it didn't even happen, I'm way too polite to just throw that out there in the world, especially when just recently becoming friends with someone.  This type of stuff though to me was Lorrie's saving grace. She could be so indecisive and flakey through the first half of the book, her going back and forth between just wanting to be friends and denying her true feelings but still acting like a jealous lover at the same time definitely wore thin after awhile.  One thing I can say I really set her apart and made me respect her was after she would have a confusing blow up with Hunter over her crazy jealousies, she would eventually calm down and realize she was acting like a psycho and apologize.  That takes guts, admitting you're wrong and acting like a fool is a hard pill to swallow and I thought that made her alright in my book.

  I loved Hunter! He was also not just your typical ripped drool worthy bad boy.  He could definitely kick some ass, being an MMA fighter and all, but he was also an good guy, and although secretive, he never really wavered and treated anyone poorly, I really liked that. 

The kittens were an absolutely sensational addition to this story! How freaking cute would it be really to see this sexy muscle bound giant bottle feeding and cradling his baby kittens. My heart would swell as my panties simultaneously melted right off!

Their names for the kittens were equally as cute as the kittens themselves. As were their nicknames for each other, come on....Snorrie was freaking adorable, don't deny it! It made me smile every time I read it!


  I also have to say that I did NOT see some parts coming! The big secret Hunter was holding onto was shocking to me! I thought I knew what it was, and boy was I off. It was heartbreaking and so surprising. There was definitely a cliffhangery ending to this. This story is clearly far from finished, and thank goodness for that.  It was kind of sad to say that Hunter and Lorrie's biggest downfall was not being up front with each other. Although not done viciously or intentionally, they created some major rifts between them by holding back. I'm looking forward to seeing how they will repair those rifts. One other thing that is driving me mad is I really want to know more about Lorrie's issues. I feel like there may be a surprise twist involving the tragedy with her parents, and I can't wait to see what happens.  I will definitely be looking out for the sequel, Rescued, which I believe comes out in the next week.  This was another random pick for me from NetGalley and another win! I breezed through this book in a day and I am glad to have come across this gem.