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Stripped - Jasinda Wilder

Gaaaahhhh this book was hard to rate!


  There were some things that I loved about it, namely Dawson, the storyline I thought was pretty great too (a few unexpected surprises). But then there were things that I really couldn't stand, and most of the time those things were Grey, or Grey related.

    Let me start by saying there were a few things I liked about Grey, I thought she had a very interesting and unique story to tell. There were even a few times she did or said something that really pleasently surprised me. But most of the time she was an indecisive, blubbering mess of a person. She was a walking contradiction. It's like she always was pretending to be one radical or another for someone else, with absolutely no inclination as to what she wanted. Seriously, if you can go 10 pages without her crying if be shocked.

     Dawson was a whole different story. He was smoldering hot and a pretty awesome dude too boot. He also had a very interesting story and really must have had the patients of a saint to deal with all of Grey's craziness. There was definitely an insta-love type scenario here which was a little lame, but the sexual frustration and passion will melt your panties off it's so hot.

     See what I mean about the rating now?! There wasn't a whole lot of middle ground with things in Stripped for me, I either loved it, or hated it. All together it really ended up in my mind averaging out to be a 3 star book.