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Rome  - Jay Crownover

4.5 Stars
      Rome may not have been built in a day....but it was most certainly conquered in one. I devoured this book! I couldn't get enough. Not only do we get Rome and Cora's story, which was fantastic, we also get to see new developments with all our other favorite characters as well. I am such a huge fan of this series.
     Everything felt right about this book. I loved Rome. He was so strong and fractured at the same time. It was an incredible journey he went through, and who better to be by his side than Cora. They were yin and yang, darkness and light, one lived in the pain of the past, while the other had her eyes focused on the dream of a perfect future. Neither lived in the present, and both missed out on so much by doing so. They brought balance to each other and I loved watching their world getting shifted on it's axis. 

     How freaking awesome was the Bar?!?! It melted my heart. The Bar, the owner, the customers, and everything they stood for was so incredible. I felt like what the tattoo parlor was for Rule and the bunch, this bar was for Rome. 

     "Rome, there are not enough good men in this world. Men that fight for what they believe in. Men that are more than willing to sacrifice for the greater good." - Brite

    There were so many touching scenes in this book. Brunch with the Archer family was EPIC! And I'll be damned if the Remy and Rome scene towards the end didn't bring tears to my eyes.
     I love how very different each character is in these books. No one is just a different version of the same. They are all so unique, and in turn so are their stories. Everything just fits and feels right with each pairing so far. I couldn't picture any of them going differently! This was the third book in the Marked Men series, and it has been fantastic since book one. I am beyond excited to read Nash's book next. Waiting until April is going to be torture. Absolute torture.


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    Jay Crownover is quickly becoming a favorite author of mine. She is someone to definitely look out for. If you haven't started this series yet, quit bring lame and dive in, you won't be disappointed! Jay Crownover, I bestow upon you the highest of fives....