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Killer Frost  - Jennifer Estep


     I can't believe this was the end. What a fantastic journey it has been at the Mythos Academy. Seriously, so much awesomeness. I absolutely loved seeing so many faces that we've come to know throughout the series as a whole, make an appearance here in the finale.



     There were a few burning questions and suspicions I had hoped would come to light in this last installment. Thank you Jennifer Estep making it all crystal clear here at the end! I don't want to reveal too much here, but clearly with this being the last book, you know that the inevitable showdown between Loki and the Reapers, and Gwen and the Mythos bunch was going to happen, My friends, it did not disappoint!!


     The whole series had been leading us up to this, and I love that no object, or word throughout has ever been just filler.  EVERYTHING has been giving us, and Gwen subtle nudges in the right direction. She had been getting her metaphorical ducks in a row without even necessarily knowing it.


     I do feel as if the door may have been left open for a spin-off series, possibly involving a certain saucy Spartan, and if that is the case....count me in!!


      Ok, I won't say goodbye, instead I'll just say thank you, and well done. I couldn't possibly think of a better way for this series to end. I will sorely miss Gwen, Logan, Nickamedes, Nyx, Vic, and the whole bunch really.  I will also mis the creatures big and small, the humor, the seemingly never-ending battle between good and evil, the new spin on mythology, and the beautiful Library of Antiquities. Hopefully some day there will be more of this world that Jennifer Estep created, but alas this is the end of Gwen's journey, and it was one hell of a ride.


      This ARC was provided by Kensington Publishing Corp. via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.