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Beauty from Love  - Georgia Cates


   Let me start by saying that I did enjoy Beauty from Love. It started off right where the last book ended, right after Laurelyn and Jack Henry's wedding. One thing this series has never been short of is passion. And folks, you get it in spades here. While I did enjoy all the steamy scenes, I also would have liked to see a little more of a story line as well. At the same time, I did understand that they were newlyweds and sooooo in love, and I did enjoy seeing what their HEA looked like. 

    I have been completely enamored by Laurelyn and Jack Henry's story since book one. I found them both to be lovable and interesting characters. In this installment in particular I feel like Jack Henry really shined. He was for the most part the ideal husband, caring, thoughtful, loving, sweet and supportive.

      One of the issues the happy couple dealt with were some of Laurelyn's insecurities/jealousy. I really liked that, I thought it was very real, I couldn't imagine not having those issues come up after the way they got together, and his sorted past. 

   Ok, even though I really did like seeing the happy couple's happily ever after, I also had some reservations about if this final book really brought anything extra to the series. Part of me thinks that there could have just been an extra chapter or two added to the last book with a flash of the future, and that would have been enough for me. I felt like dealing with more unstable women from his past was kind of been there done that. And it really makes you question how many crazy chicks this guy has been with?! Was that a prerequisite to being in Jack Henry's league of liaisons?

    So all together, I did like seeing more of Laurelyn and Jack Henry, but I don't think the story was any where near as captivating as it was in the first two books. I rated the previous two books both 4.5 stars, and sang their praises. This last one, I liked it, but it was not on that same level for me.