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Midnight Frost - Jennifer Estep

   I loved this book. I know some of the plot twists are rather predictable, but I just don't care. Not even a little. I'm too busy loving these characters and the amazing mythological masterpiece that Jennifer Estep has created.

    Gwen rocked this book.....hard. She was everything I always like about her, kind, brave, honorable, smart, snarky, all intensified times ten. I felt like she was a little more grown up in this book. It said a lot how much she put aside her own struggles with everything happening and the major rift between her and Logan, to take care of what needed to be done. She always puts the people she cares about ahead of herself, and I love that about her.

    Oh Logan, I was so happy to see you, but I kind of wanted to punch you in the face and tell you to stop acting like a baby. Don't worry though, the punch would come from a place of love and understanding....understanding that you can take it like a champ and you kinda deserve it. I was expecting to see more of Logan in this book, but I was still really happy with the way everything played out.

    This whole bunch seemed even more unified in this book. I really liked that Gwen's big strength comes from all the people she loves.....
          "I attacked her with everything I had.  All the moves Logan had shown me. All the sneak attacks Oliver and Kenzie had taught. All the positions Ajax had drilled me on in gym class. All the passion and intense ferocity Daphne gave to everything in her life. All the fluid grace of Alexei's movements. All the quiet Carson showed to his friends. All the pain, anger, and frustration Rory and Rachael had felt these last few months. All the love Grandma Frost, Nyx, and Professor Métis had always given me. All the cranky concern Nickamedes and Vic had for me."
     I mean come on, how awesome is that?!

    We got to see some new faces and places in Midnight Frost, and I loved the new additions! Rory is someone I'd definitely like to see more of. And of course there were more amazing mythological creatures that made for some awesome scenes as well. Seriously Gwen, you are like the mythological animal whisperer, I'm so freaking jelly of you! Add Gryphons to list of things that I desperately want, but will never acquire.....*sad face*.

      So all in all Midnight Frost was a great addition to the always fun Mythos Academy series. A must read if you are a Mythos fan and haven't done so yet! I literally can't wait to read Killer Frost, and thankfully I won't have to, get ready ARC because here I come!!!