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Waiting On My Reason - Devon Ashley

I received an ARC of Waiting On My Reason from the author (yay!), but that in no way holds any bearing to the following review. 

I loved so much about this book!! Which was not surprising, Devon Ashley has been an author that constantly puts out books that I love. This one in particular was so fantastic to me, mainly for how well she portrayed the role of being a single mother, and the many worries and thoughts that can be worrisome for a person in that position. I spent the first 4 years of my daughter's life being a young single mother. I turned down a number of suitors for the very fears that Mel had in this book. 
"You're right. I know you are. It's just hard to let someone in. I mean, this has been my life. My kid. My burden to carry. I don't know how to share that responsibility, even with someone who might be willing to take that on."- Mel from Waiting On My Reason. I spent the first few years in a relationship worrying about that very responsibility weighing too heavily on my significant other. 

All around I felt just how relatable so many aspects of this book were. The close friend from childhood that as you grow into adulthood is virtually unrecognizable. I'm not sure if one adult can say they didn't have at least one friend that they can share that sentiment about! And how tragic is that?! It seems like such a cruel thing, but one that so many people share in common. And Shayne being so reluctant to let go of that relationship with Brad, I understood that completely. When you have so many great memories with someone, and they were such an important part of your life, it can be so hard to let that go, even when all the good that remains are just that, memories. I suffer greatly from the same reluctance. 

There were so many different stories all rolled up into one awesome book, fading friendships, the unexpected turns in life, a single mother's struggle, the very real effects of prolonged substance abuse, letting the past go and moving forward, and another personal favorite....looking at all the hardships and unexpected struggles and instead of dwelling on the whys of it all, just accepting that life gets terrible and dark sometimes, but that just makes all the good things and bright days shine even brighter. 

Basically if you are looking for an interesting story, with a few great twists and turns, along with some very lovely, well written characters coming to terms with life and moving forward, then Waiting On My Reason is a great book for you to pick up!