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Archangel's Storm  - Nalini Singh

I don't know why I didn't read this sooner! I really enjoy the Guild Hunter books, it really has yet to disappoint. And of course Archangel's Storm was no exception. I admittedly wasn't that excited to read Jason's story, not that I didn't like him but he was always so reserved and such a loner so I guess I just overlooked him more than anything. Next to Raphael, or Illum, or even Dimitri who all shined so bright, Jason was off in the shadows mostly unnoticed. Now that I've read this intriguing story and have hidden in the shadows with Jason, I am officially a Jason fangirl. 

I really liked the alternating POVs, you conatany were able to see how each if them were feeling and what they were each thinking the whole time. And as always I love that favorites from previous books get their brief but interesting moments too. I already love the 7 and as their ladies numbers grow too it's really interesting to see. No matter whose story is in the spotlight, you always know that it's just another piece to the larger puzzle and they all intertwine to put this glorious story together. 

Mahiya was a great addition to the ever growing group of misfits. Her great strength was not a physical one, it was her heart, her big, kind, forgiving, loving heart. After all she had endured over the years she could have easily become a jaded, bitter, hateful person, but instead she vowed to never become that and be the opposite, to live a better life a life full of happiness, joy and love. Mahiya really was such a good match for Jason. She had so much love to give and he was truly a deserving recipient. And I lived what he in turn gave back to her. Even though it might but have seemed like much at first, it was clearly what Mahiya needed. 

I'm so glad I picked this book up yesterday. It rekindled my love for this series as a whole. I am looking forward to reading more very soon.