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[Darkness Unbound] [by: Keri Arthur]

Darkness Unbound - Keri Arthur

I had no clue going into this book that it was a spin off of the Riley Jenson series. Had I known that little tidbit, I would have waited to read this until I was further in the other series. I have only read one Riley Jenson book, and this book clearly took place many books after the first. And while Risa was clearly the main character in this book, Riley and other key players were definitely involved in this book too. I learned a lot about what Riley's future looks like, without really taking the fun filled journey there, and that was a little disappointing.

Other than that though, this book was pretty interesting, the Aedh and the Reapers were all very captivating characters. I do look forward to learning more about all of them as the series progresses. Risa was a pretty cool character, she seemed kind of like a more toned down version of Riley though, just with some different powers. Now Azriel....he is someone I CAN'T WAIT to get more of! He is so damn mysterious, in all the best ways. Tao and Ilianna were both some great side characters, with some intriguing powers.

All in all this was an enjoyable read and once I get further in the Riley Jenson books, I will come back to read some more of these Dark Angel books.