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The Scent of Rain and Lightning: A Novel

The Scent of Rain and Lightning: A Novel - Nancy Pickard The Scent of Rain and Lightning was a great book. It was just what I needed, I was feeling a little bored with my typical paranormal books.

Early on in this book I fell completely in love with the Linder family. Nancy Pickard did an amazing job portraying these unforgettable people. Each one of them were beautiful in their own way. Annabelle was probably one of the most decent, strong, kind hearted characters I have ever had the pleasure of reading about. My heart was breaking for this family while dealing with their tremendous loss. It truly spoke to me what Annabelle did that day in the grocery store with Valentine and Collin. What an amazing person, to be able to show that kindness in the face of everything. I also felt such sadness for poor Valentine and Collin, they had a lot that they lost that tragic day as well. None of which was Billy. Guilty or innocent Billy Crosby was a horrible person who brought nothing but suffering to those around him. I could honestly go on and on about these characters all day, they were to me, my favorite part about this book.

I have to say that I was actually surprised at the end of this book, in a few ways. I had a few different senerioes of what I thought had happened going through my head. Let me just say that none of then were what actually happened! That was fantastic, I do like a good surprise. It's hard to say much without giving certain things away....but while I enjoyed the story of who did kill them that day, I really disliked they way it all came to light. I felt like it was almost as if the author felt like there needed to be resolution (which I also felt that way) but, in my opinion it was just poorly executed. It felt rushed and honestly I have a hard time buying it. Not the who did it part, but the way that person was caught. I really wish I could rant a little about this because it really disappointed me, but it would give away too much so I will refrain. It changed this book from a 5 star book to a 4 star book in my mind. The rest of this story was flawlessly done, and I wish the ending would have followed suit. Even so, this was a great read and I thouroughly enjoyed it.