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Falling In Between

Falling in Between - Devon Ashley I really liked this book! I thought it was a really interesting story line. Dreams especially, have always been an interest of mine. There are so many things to question there, everyone has at one point or another had a dream that felt so real, that it was hard to shake off once you woke. I know I'm not the only girlfriend out there who has dreamt about my boyfriend acting like a complete tool, and then woke up vaguely irritated because "dream Jon was an Ahole" lol. So,I really found it intriguing to read a story about a place between dreams and reality.

I also enjoyed the slow budding romance between Jenna and Robert. I, of course, also thoroughly enjoyed the scenes with Chase too. And I have to say I thought the ending was AMAZING. I love how it all turned out and I just hope it won't be the last I read of this set of characters!