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The Lucky One

The Lucky One - Nicholas Sparks

I really enjoyed this book! It was my first Nicholas Sparks novel, and I was not disappointed. I see what all the hype is about now!! Admittedly I have watched many of the movie adaptions of his books though, so I kind of already knew he was the bees knees.

One of the things I liked most about this story was how much I could relate to Beth. Being a single mother myself for so long, and also having similar issues with the father of my child. It was easy to see things the way she did. I understood how truly special it is letting someone into your life, and most importantly, the life of your child. I could also see why she liked Logan so much, I know, not that hard....he was pretty incredible. But he was also all the things her ex was not, patient, caring, compassionate, and observant. I loved the whole family dynamic that Ben, Beth and Logan developed...oh and Nana and Zues too!

I have to say that I also liked the way the whole Clayton debacle was done. It was never over the top. The guy was definitely not a great person but neither was he Satan reborn. At the end there, just as I was totally disgusting with him, he managed to leave things on a better note. I was really pleased with that. The ending was a real nail-biter, those last few pages were torture, Mr. Sparks!!! I will definitely be adding a few more of Nicholas Sparks books to my to-read list!