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Stardust - Neil Gaiman 3.5 Stars

I am always leery of reading a book after in have watched the movie adaptation. While I will say that I rarely find the movie to be the better version, in this case I have to admit that I preferred the movie. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy this book. It was definitely darker than the movie, which I honestly have mixed feelings about. It reminded me of reading Grimm's fairytales a little. Fairytales for adults. While I do enjoy those, there is something to be said for the lighter versions, and of course the happily ever afters that follow them. After finishing this book, I don't have the warm and fuzzies, instead I'm left feeling a little sad. An all good things come to an end, and time stands still for no one type feeling.

I loved the extra details about the Faerie world we got in in this book, from the talking animals, to the secrets of the trees. That may have been my favorite thing about this book. Mr. Gaiman did a splendid job creating this incredible, strange world, where anything is possible. I only wish that there would have been more character depth to so many of the people Tristan and Yvonne met along the way. So many of them were nothing more than brief introductions and a mention or two thereafter, which for me was disappointing. And I'm honestly not quite sure when Tristan and Yvonne fell in love. It seemingly to me, happened out of nowhere. One minute he was delivering her to his true love, which admittedly he did start to forget about, but then BAM! All of the sudden he is making smoochy face with the star?! I knew it was coming after having seen the movie, but for someone who has not, I would think that the romance between them would catch someone off guard.

All in all I did enjoy this book, and I have heard such wonderful things about the author, so I definitely intend on reading some more of his novels.