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Into the Hollow (Experiment in Terror #6)

Into the Hollow - Karina Halle

Yet another great addition to the Experiment in Terror series! It was quite hard watching Perry and Dex struggle with all their feelings in this book especially, but I have a feeling it will all lead to some pretty amazing things. It was nice to see Dex really putting himself out there in a big way....it's about time Dex!

There was a lot of big developments in Into The Hollow, and I really enjoyed all of them! I'm so happy to see Perry finally getting out from under her parent's hold! I think she's definitely done some growing up in the last few books, and I like taking the journey with her. I continue to adore Dex and his unique ways, and I really love seeing his love for Perry finally all out in the open.

I thought the setting in this book in particular was really in sync with the characters feelings at the time. Perry was especially pensive, and pretty much internally at war with herself throughout most of this book. And where better to feel all that than a desolate winter wonderland of horrors, right?! As always the supernatural aspect was chilling and enough to make me want to stay clear of any cabin retreats for sometime lol. I am really looking forward to reading Dex's short story next! I kind of love being inside his noggin, at least for relatively brief periods of time!