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Thoughtless (Thoughtless, #1)

Thoughtless  - S.C. Stephens 3.5 Stars

I just finished this book and I don't even know how to put my feelings into words! I really did enjoy Thoughtless, which is quite an accomplishment for the author considering how much I disliked the main character, Kiera. One of my favorite parts if the book was probably when she finally got punched in the head! I just kept thinking..."Awesome!!! That's literally what I have been wanting all along!". Seriously, Kiera was such a naive, THOUGHTLESS person. Hence the title, I guess. I really started disliking her pretty early on too. The constant blushing whenever anyone even looked at her, or cursed. Ughhhh, come on!!! And really it only got worse as the book went on, how can someone be doing the things she does with Kellan and Denny, and still feign innocence and stupidity. Like she was totally unaware of how she was to torturing both men...please!

Ok, putting Kiera aside for a moment, I have to gush about Kellan now...he is incredible. I seriously could not get enough of him. I have always been a sucker for the tortured musician type. So he pretty much had me swooning instantly, and the more I found out about him the more I liked him. You really couldn't help rooting for him to get his happy ending, even if it was with stupid Kiera lol. And then there was Denny, poor sweet Denny. Who's only fault was what, being too trusting, or was it being a hard worker? Gezzz what a horrible guy. He, probably more so than anyone, definitely deserved a lot better than he got throughout this entire book. Even though I wanted to karate chop Keira right in her ovaries, I could see how she came to love both men. They were both amazing. As we're most of the other characters. I especially enjoyed the Dbags! Well, except for Griffin. He was definitely the ultimate douche.

I really don't know how you did it, S.C. Stephens, but you made me really like this book, in spite of how much I didn't like the main character. That in itself is nothing short of awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed all the steamy scenes in this book, it was all very sexy without being sleazy. Which I think is a hard thing to pull off. I will definitely be reading the next book to see what happens next :)