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Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1)

Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1) - Jamie McGuire

Wow. I have to start of by saying I started this book with some pretty low expectations. I have read a bunch of friend reviews on it, and it was pretty much split down the middle with people either loving it or hating it, there wasn't really any middle ground. I don't know what it was, but I couldn't put this down! I started Beautiful Disaster in the afternoon and I was not able to sleep until I finished it....which ultimately resulted in me being up until 4:45am devouring this. Any book that keeps me enthralled like that is well deserving of 5 stars.

The thing that really has me flummoxed is why so many people thought Travis was such a douche. Was he possessive and overly jealous...definitely. But that's about all I can fault him for. I felt like, although he didn't come right out and say it, it was apparent how much he cared for Abby from pretty much the very beginning. And I'm sorry but in my opinion, him sleeping with all the girls in the beginning.....who cares?! He's an adult, and he made it clear he had no intentions of being in a relationship with these women. They were consenting adults that knew his reputation and still threw themselves, spread eagle, on his couch! I feel no sympathy for them. Travis wasn't perfect, it was apparent all along that he had some issues, but the love he had for Abby was truly undeniable. I just don't get it, I have read plenty if other books with male characters with these same possessive traits, and everyone thought they were amazing, I really don't feel like Travis was any worse than these guys! And I have to say, I felt bad for him through a good portion of this book. Abby was infuriating! I will admit that when he got the tattoos, I was a little like....whoa there.....pump the brakes! Too soon, Travis, too soon.

Abby...oh Abby. I wanted to shake you so many times! She fained ignorance so many times, just so she wouldn't have to come to terms with the fact that she did truly want Travis. She knew how he felt! She just didn't want to admit it because she thought she needed some boring, cookie cutter, preppy boy, so she could pretend that her past never happened and that she was a good girl. No man makes a bet with the hopes of winning a month of you living with him because you're such a good friend. You don't sleep in the same bed as a man continuously, cuddle with him, grind on him, and spend every free minute together because you want to be each others friend. It was so frustrating! Every time she would go on a date with Parker and come home to a waiting, and pissy Travis, she just couldn't figure out what was bothering him....WHAT?! Are you serious?! Ummm, he's jealous dumbass! Because he wants you....in ways that are definitely beyond friendly. Ohhhhh and then at the end of the bet, when she finally acts on her true feelings and then leaves him without a word!!!!!!! What a hypocrite!! She was so disgusted with the way he treated women in the beginning and then she pulls that garbage?! Knowing that he wanted more....she was worse than him! Ok....now that I have that out of my system lol. Really though,the last half of the book, Abby wasn't so bad, there were a few more times I wanted to shake some sense into her, but it wasn't as bad as the beginning of the book.....mostly.

Sheply and America were both great secondary characters. They added a little balance to the extremity of Abby and Travis. America was a prertty great friend to Abby. She held her tongue a lot and was supportive, but she also told Abby some hard truths, and that's not a fun task but it is what a real friend does. Sometimes you need to hear the truth, even when it's not pretty. Sheply was also a wonderful person. He put up with a lot from Travis over the years, and still had the guy's back. I also LOVED the Maddox boys! How could you not fall for those ruffians?! They were like the lost boys and Abby was their Wendy. She was this young girl who swooped in and was strong enough to take some of their shit and sweet enough to give them some of the mothering that they so desperately longed for. I also enjoyed Abby's past, it was a lot more colorfull than I could have even imagined! It was an exciting twist for sure!

This is probably one of the longest reviews I have ever wrote, but I just had to get it all out!! This book had its hooks in me from start to finish, and I really enjoyed every minute. It was worth being up until 5am and being exhausted today!! And that's really saying something! I will definitely be looking into other books by Jamie McGuire!