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Bad Night Stand  - Elise Faber

This was a pretty quick paced engrossing read. There were a few dips at the beginning that had me questioning the characters, but they (mainly Jordan tbh) grew on me as the story continued and more was revealed. Funny enough, one thing I especially appreciated was how *searches for the right word...* unfulfilling/awkward/truly bad that stand was. Sometimes it's fun to be dreamily swept away by a fluff romance where everything is perfection, abs have their own set of abs, and orgasms come in the dozens every time. But sometimes I really enjoy a little more REAL and a little less fluff. I liked that Abby and Jordan took awhile to find their groove. I also found that this story felt less romance formulaic to me. Of course there were ups and downs, but it never truly fit into that pattern of when and where many do, which was nice. I think it added to the initial beginning dips, but I found I liked it more as I continued. I liked being kept on my toes not knowing what was coming next.  I look forward to reading more of this series, I hope to see some of the side characters step into the limelight, cause they were all pretty great.