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All That Glitters: Sol Series 1 - Erin Kellison



I am a pretty big Erin Kellison fan and this book is just one of the many reasons why. It never ceases to amaze me just how talented Kellison is at creating these layered magical worlds and characters in such a short amount of time. All That Glitters was 92 pages and somehow Kellison managed to create an entire planet full of intrigue and danger and wonder. Sol was quite amazing. I loved the idea of people living, and thriving on this planet that could not be tamed. Some of my favorite parts were Mica and Simon traipsing through the alien jungle which seemed to have a mind of its own.


Besides the very interesting world, the characters were just as bewitching! Mica was so much of what I love in a strong heroine, smart, independent, brave and strong. She could seem a little standoffish at times but I actually liked that. And the fact that Simon had a way of disarming her made it even better. Simon was great as well. While I did enjoy the roguish space pirate he appeared to be at the beginning, it was quite heartwarming to get his tragic backstory. It was quite genius for Kellison to give these two such a past, as that made the transition to them being together not feel rushed but rather a long time coming.


I really haven't read much in the sci-fi genre, and even less with the romance element in it, but I have to admit I really enjoyed this story as a whole and I am definitely wanting to continue on with this series. I think this is a good book for you to pick up if you're a fan of Paranormal Romances but ready for something a little different.


I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.