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Arctic Dawn - Karissa Laurel

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Wow! I don't know exactly what I was expecting when I started this book, but the right off the bat, the new, fiercer Solina Mundy set the tone for this pulse pounding thrill ride. Where Midnight Burning was a slow burn that grew in intensity as the story progressed, Arctic Dawn was a flash freeze that stole your breath from start to finish.


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While I loved the faster paced, action-packed tone to this book, I do think there could have been a smidge more time between the missions Solina was constantly juggling to process everything. It seemed like the team was constantly being pulled in different directions and they often deviated from the original goal, and as interesting as they were, jumping to and fro between breaths I feel like I didn't always get the chance to fully appreciate the latest development. I found myself handling that situation much like I handle any given horror flick, yelling adamantly at the characters to not do something dumb like split up because you know it's not going to end well for them.



white people always wanna split up


But boring this tale was not! I can dig all the action, but I do feel as if a second read through might give me more time to fully feel everything, since I now know the outcome and don't have that burning need to devour every word as quick as I can to see what happens next.  




I LOVE the character development in Arctic Dawn! Solina was so impassioned, and powerful, and determined, and I LOVED the hell out of that. She's always had the brains, and seeing her step up and do whatever she could to be stand strong in the face of everything was glorious! And she wasn't the only one bringning that wow factor here. I really enjoyed seeing some different facets of Thorin too. There was this tenderness awakening where Solina was concerned and it melted me into a gooey puddle of creeper. Like seriously, do you know how many times I just wanted to be like...



kiss already

jk but seriously

kiss now!


I also have to mention how enamored I was by the heavy norse mythology in this addition. It took awhile for that aspect to show up in Midnight Burning but it was seeping through each and every page in Artic Dawn and I lapped that stuff up like a rabid animal.



All in all this was a fantastic addition to the series and I am desperate to see what happens with this rag tag group of favorites next! Especially after that gut-wrenching ending! My feels are all over the place and all I know for certain is I need more! And smooching, please bring the smooching in the next book.



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I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.