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Behind the Mask - Dana Ridenour



Behind the Mask was just what I needed! It was like a breath of fresh air. I haven't read a ton of crime fiction, but the ones I have had the chance to read I quite enjoyed. Admittedly I am also guilty of liking those true crime type shows as well. This book was kind of similar to that, but with heart! I think it is so cool that the author is a retired FBI agent that spent a lot of her time working undercover infiltrating domestic terrorists! I think that her knowledge on procedure and, I'm sure, her own personal experiences with being an undercover agent really added something unique and special...something more, to this story.



I really liked the fact that there were alternating POVs in this book. Rotating between Lexie, the newbie undercover agent and Savannah the newbie Animal Rights Activist was perfection. You watched each of them rising up on different sides of the fence until they met and then things started to get really interesting!



I was glad that this was Lexie's first undercover case. I liked seeing and learning more about how her job worked right along with Lexie. I was fascinated with her identity and conscience struggles the deeper she got in the undercover game. It endeared me to her even more to see how much she ended up caring about the Animal Rights cause, as well as the people she was investigating. I also thought the relationship between Lexie and her "contact agent" Kate was an interesting one. Kate played a more quiet, yet very important role in this story.



As I said above, I really liked getting Savannah's point of view as well. It was nice to get a little contrast, and Savannah was new and naïve enough in the activist game that you got to see how easily and quickly things can devolve and get out of control. It was truly a tale of the road to hell being paved with good intentions. 



The story was nicely paced and very realistic feeling. All in all this was a really interesting read that I enjoyed immensely! I think it could make for a cool series if the author decided to carry on and write some more stories about Lexie, or even Kate's work on future cases. I would definitely be excited to see more from either one of those two, or both!


And now I am sticking this in here, because I want to and it makes me laugh...



I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.