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Caught by Her - G.L. Chapple


I was so excited to get an early copy of this book! I quite enjoyed Freed by Him, and that ending had me desperate for this book, to see how it all turned out! This book was great! I have to give it some major props for actually making me shed a tear. I am not really a crier, but this story got me right in the feels!


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Caught by Her started off surprising me. I was honestly pretty shocked that Nate started acting so standoffish about his and Lena's relationship. I mean, I understood his reasoning, to an extent, but I thought it was a jerk move, especially considering how he pushed Lena to get closer to him in the first place. I felt bad for Lena having to deal with his sudden emotional distance. I ended up being pretty darn impressed with Lena though. She had really grown as a character from the previous book. I truthfully thought that her vulnerability in this book made her stronger than ever, and I appreciated that.


While I was rooting for these crazy kids to figure things out, something spectacular started happening, some of the secondary characters really came to life. There was some really interesting things going down on the sidelines, it definitely made me want to see some of them step into the limelight next *cough* Marcus *cough* Just sayin. I thought Lena and Nate's story ended perfectly. I'm honestly REALLY HOPING that Chapple continues on with this set of characters! I'd love to read more about them.

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.