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Wildest Dream (Teach Me Book 1) - R.C. Boldt


  This was such a sweet contemporary romance! I love the slow-burn romances, the big buildup makes the reward at the end that much sweeter to me. I love that Raine and Mac became friends first, and really built on that friendship way before anything romantic happened. Best friend romances done right are one of my favorites, and this one was definitely done right! And once the spark was lit, it became an inferno! I love how the author was able to switch gears from sweet to spicy so seamlessly!  


Raine was a great leading lady! She was smart, kind, and had a great sense of humor. I found it to be a nice change of pace that she was so down to Earth. Her flaws, both physical and otherwise, made her that much more relatable and endearing to me. Mac was also a great character. He had such a colorful past, even though his past could be gut-wrenching at the best of times, I couldn't get enough. I wanted to know every last detail! Quite honestly, I was kind of in awe of Mac. He overcame so much in life, and turned out to be such an incredible man. His past hardships made it very easy to understand why he was so apprehensive about serious relationships. 


As much as I enjoyed the blossoming romance between Mac and Raine, I also really enjoyed the friendships in this book. This group of friends felt so real and genuine to me! I loved their interactions! The playfulness and the support they showed one another gave me the warm and fuzzies as much as any romance! Sometimes the family you choose can be the best, and this rag-tag group was definitely family at heart. It also made me really appreciate each side character and what they brought to the story that much more. I am so excited to see that this a series that will be continuing on with this group of friends! I can't wait to see who the star of the show will be in the next book. And I really NEED to know what the heck was going on between Tate and that tasty morsel MIller at Momma K's dinner! There was definitely a story there, and I'm kind of dying to know what it is! I'm looking forward to carrying on with this series.


I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.