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My RIDICULOUS book haul!

— feeling greedy

So thanks to a few B&N gift cards and BookOutlet's amazing Boxing Day sale, I was able to splurge and get a ridiculously awesome book haul this month! I also included a Blonde Eskimo by the fabulous, Kristen Hunt which I got in the mail from the Author this week. Which ended up pushing my total number of books for this haul to a whopping 40! And I'm loving the BookOutlet Bear that was a free gift I received with my order! As promised, here's a few snapshots of all my new preciouses!




 The sarcastic grin on my BookOutlet Bear's face is the BEST lol. My shelves are now officially overflowing, but it was totally worth it! Anyone else get a nice haul recently too? I'd love to hear about it, or see some pics! Happy Reading everyone!