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Sky Ghosts: All for One - Alexandra Engellmann


** This is the new cover! I tried uploading to Booklikes like 4 times and it still hasn't updated, so I thought I'd share **


    Sky Ghosts grabbed my attention right away, it was said to be "The Avengers meets Shadowhunters"  which sounded AWESOME to me! I mean, I like both of those things, so why wouldn't I love a combination of the two?! I thought the Sky Ghosts were an interesting bunch, protectors of the city and the people in it, battling against their enemies, the Beasts, who have no regard for human life and live to serve their maniacal boss. So yeah, the Sky Ghosts were pretty badass, and their story was something I enjoyed reading about.


   While I enjoyed the Sky Ghosts and the plot line, I did struggle getting into the story due to the narration. It was kind of disjointed, and the multiple points of view ended up hurting the story more than it helped, in my opinion. I am very particular about multiple POVs, I do enjoy them, especially if they are there for a reason and add something more to the story. I can see the benefits of being able to see multiple perspectives. But I do believe somethings must be done to differentiate which character has the reins, whether that be starting a new chapter, or even a new paragraph, or having distinctive enough personalities and voices so that the reader can easily tell who's head we're currently in. One of the POV's in Sky Ghosts, and arguably the foremost one, was Pain, and her character was unique enough to easily tell when she was in charge. As for her sister Jane, Dave, and Chad....I struggled with them. Sometimes the POV would change multiple times within one page and I wasn't always sure who it was until later. Their voices blended together at times.



I was better able to do so more towards the end, when Chad started getting really fleshed out, but that still left Dave and Jane not being quite there.


    I love a good strong heroine, and Pain, and even Jane too, were just that. You don't see a ton of stories where the women are protecting the, nearly defenseless, men, so this was something fresh and I quite enjoyed the women kicking ass and taking names!



 Even though Pain could be rather obnoxious at times, I liked her, she was spirited, strong, brave, and underneath all the bravado, a kindhearted person. I really liked Marco and Skull too, they had that same tough as nails, semi crazy persona, but you just knew that there is a lot more to these characters than initially meets the eye, and you want to know more. I'm also curious about Ryan, as it seems like he's got secrets. I would like to see more of those characters in the following book/books. As far as Jane, Dave, Peter and a few others, they never quite grabbed me. To me, they weren't fleshed out or compelling enough to get me invested or even curious about them, which was slightly unfortunate as two of them were main characters.


    All in all it was a decent story, and I would be interested to see the developments that take place in the next book. I just hope that the narration is a little tighter in the next one, and I think that would allow people to focus more on the kick ass story.


   I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review