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Bound by Prophecy (Bound Series Book 3) - Stormy Smith

Wow. Bound by Prophecy, the much anticipated ending to the Bound series...I feel like this is usually the point where I tell you how bittersweet this ending was, because while it was AWESOME, it was also the END. But here's the thing, I can't say it was anything other than sweet. Smith did a wonderful job wrapping everything up while still leaving other story lines open for more to come in the future, which I LOVED! So you really got the feeling that while this particular story line has come to it's end, the fantastic world that has been created here is not finished yet.




I thought I had a good idea of what was going to happen in this book before hand, but let me tell you it went about things in a very different way than I had anticipated. I thoroughly enjoyed some of the twists and where they took the story as a whole. Even one of the romance plot lines threw me for a loop, but I actually thought it made a lot of sense in the end, and it made me super excited for the way that it left a certain someone open for new and thrilling possibilities! It was really fabulous to see everyone come back together in the end. I loved that you got lots of Aidan and Amelia time. Even while things were moving forward full force, there was plenty of growth and sweet moments between the two lovebirds which I appreciated.


Now we desperately need to talk about Micah *ahem...Jennifer*



It's no secret that Micah has been my championed underdog in this story since book one, which is really saying something since he definitely made some mistakes and was a part of things that made his alliances seem sketchy. But I KNEW in my heart that he was a good guy and he would come through it all on the right side! And if you've read our previous reviews here at Bookworm Coalition then you already know that Jen and I have never seen eye to eye when it comes to dear Micah.




NOW after the dust has settled, the million dollar question I am dying to know....what say you now Jennifer????!!!



Now seems as good of a time as any to hand over the reigns to Jen and let her tell you her thoughts on everything (like her newfound Micah love!)... NOOOO!!


Ok, so maybe, just maybe I like Micah a tiny small itty bitty more. Doesn't change everything that has happened in this series. That's all you get about that. I have been burned too many times by Micah and it takes way more than a few hundred pages to change my mind. I mean, really...even Bethany (literally all I heard was, "Yes, Tricia, you were right all along!")




I will not even tell you!


Let me just say that Charlie and Onyx...mind blown!

There are so many different things that happened in here that I would love to shout out to the world and spoil the whole damn thing for you, but I think this one needs to be a surprise.



I'm not going to lie, I had a certain expectation before I started this book. I did not get what I was expecting, I got something that was completely different. One of my all time favorite things made an appearance towards the end, and quite honestly it was the one thing that I loved most.



There is so much character growth in this book. People maturing, and taking charge. Doing what needs to be done to take their world back. The evil of the Queen and the surprisingly deceptive Rhi. Reading what the Queen didn't know was almost heartbreaking. Then of course, I remembered that she was batshit crazy!



I love how this book has been left an open ending. Bound by Prophecy was an ending to a chapter in the lives of Aidan, Amelia, Micah, Bethany, Cole, Baleon and all the others we have come to love. Prophecy is not the end of this amazing world, there is still a whole world of Immortals that is waiting to be explored.


Thank you so much Stormy Smith for allowing us to be included in this amazing journey! Yes, thank you Stormy, and I know I speak for both of us when I say we really look forward to what you come up with next!


           We received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.