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Nameless - Jennifer Jenkins


  First off a huge thank you to Jennifer Jenkins and Goodreads for having this awesome giveaway so that I was able to win a signed copy of Nameless!


(Nameless in the wild!)


  I loved this book. It grabbed me from the very first page and would not let go until the very end! I couldn't get enough of this intriguing world that Jenkins created! I found it especially interesting and unique to have this series start out on the "bad guy's" turf. Right from the get go you are thrust into this dangerous world right along side Zo, infiltrating the enemy's camp and trying to find answers. The Ram were a fascinating bunch. It was hard to believe that people could be so cold and harsh. And in turn it was compelling to see the few that were such a contrast to the norm there.



   The characters were well developed and you felt for them instantly. I loved Zo, her strength, courage, and cleverness completely reeled me in. I also appreciated that she wasn't perfect. Her hatred for the Rams as a whole sometimes clouded her judgement, but I enjoyed the fact that she was slowly learning a valuable life lesson, you can't condemn all for the acts of some. Well in the Ram's case it was the acts of many of them, but after seeing the way they are raised to be cruel and unyielding it was honestly hard to imagine how any of them could turn out much different from the killing machines they were molded to be. It made those few exceptions shine especially bright, even if some of them were just starting to realize that their way of life might not be the best way.



    I liked that all the new relationships forged in this book were slow building. Trust was not something that was handed out freely here, and that made sense. It ultimately made those relationships feel stronger in the end. There wasn't exactly a romance going on in this story, but there was a start of something that could be pretty amazing, which I always love. The slow burn gets me every time! The end leaves you wanting more in every aspect! I am so excited at the prospect of exploring the world outside the Ram walls! I can't wait to see more of the other clans and what their lives are like. And I am DYING to see what will become of each of the characters that I have grown so quickly attached to. I'll be lining up for this next book the minute I catch wind of it coming out!