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99 problems, and a book ain't one

Hello. My name is Tricia, and I have an addiction, an addiction to fiction. Fellow addicts, I welcome you with open arms. Blogger over @ bookwormcoalition.wordpress.com

Excuses, excuses, excuses....and other forms of saying I've missed you all!!



   Hello all my favorite bookish peoples! I am so sorry I have been MIA the past 2-3 weeks. It's been a whirlwind of craziness over here! First there was a ton of promotional work to be done for some of our favorite authors that we've been busy with. Then we also decided to make some formatting changes on our blog (come check us out!) we now have live Twitter feeds from both Jen and myself on there, as well as ways to find us all over the interwebs because we have also been in the process of expanding our reach.




So in the process of doing just that, we also designed a fun original logo for our blog



 and we FINALLY jumped on the bandwagon and made a Bookworm Coalition Facebook page! We are still new there and would love for you guys to give us a like and come say hey! There are a bunch of awesome giveaways on there from multiple authors going on right now!




  So in addition to all that fun, we also had a fantastic camping trip up north that Jen and I, along with our family members went on! Fall as officially landed in Michigan and it was absolutely breathtaking and picturesque up there!




   So needless to say being up there for awhile kept my attentions away from my phone and such. Add in there that it was my daughter's 13th birthday this week....that's right, I now have a teenager *faints* you can see I've clearly had my hands full lately, on top of work and other life demands pulling me every which way. All great stuff though, no complaints here, but I have sorely missed reading, reviewing and chatting with all of you!

So I am, mostly, back now. We are just beginning the process of redecorating my daughter's room, something a little more sophisticated to better suit her growing tastes. So I am still busy, but I actually read a book today (HOORAY!!), and hopefully this weekend will be able to crank out a few reviews for you all!


  Ok, ok, enough excuses and me talk, tell me what you all have been up to? Any cool plans for Halloween? Read anything fabulous lately? I'd love to hear all about it :)