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Heir of Fire - Sarah J. Maas



  FINALLY!!! Heir of Fire was everything I was waiting for in the Throne of Glass series!! I did enjoy the previous two books, but to me they were good, not great. This book was GREAT. I loved the new perspectives we've been given in this book, each new addition was interesting and I couldn't stop wanting more and more of everyone's stories! I absolutely loved the change of setting for Celaena! I was completely enamored with the demi-fae village and the inhabitants. It was thrilling to see the magic really coming alive there.


   The progressions in Ardalan while seemingly subdued in comparison to the other cities, was still quite interesting. I really enjoyed the addition of Aedion. I think he and Celaena have so much in common and I can only hope they get a proper reunion one day....maybe in the next book! I think Chaol was probably more interesting in this book than he has ever been. I don't know what it is about him, maybe it was his blind obedience that has always just rubbed me the wrong way, but I could never bring myself to care much about him or see what he really brought to the story. I could see more clearly in this book where his place was and I think he has started evolving into something more than he was, and I am glad for it. I was happy to see Dorian moving forward in his various pursuits as well. I was especially crushed for him at the end of this book. I was not expecting everything that ended up going down and I am so worried about the Prince and his future in this series!


    The addition of the witches was also a good one! I know they're technically the "bad guys" and all, but that didn't;t make what they were up to any less captivating! Especially considering this was a bloodier, meaner variation of How to Train Your Dragon! The wyverns were so awesome! And I found Manon and Abraxos's growing relationship to be just incredible. I liked the nature vs nurture element that came into play concerning both the Ironteeth witches and the wyverns. It left me wondering if there was a chance that maybe Manon could potentially change her alliances and maybe even be a part of a better future of the realms that Celaena so desperately wants. I suppose we shall see!


    All I know now is that I need to get my hands on the next book asap....I am nervous and so terribly excited to see where things go from here!