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Hunter - Mercedes Lackey


   I feel so darn accomplished for finally finishing this! Between this cold I've been fighting, Netflix calling it's siren's song, and the rather slow pacing of the first 40% of this book....it's taken me quite awhile to get through it. So many distractions.


   It became very clear that this is just a first book in what will most likely be a series. There was a big chunk of time spent world building, and beyond that lots of small details, some of which just felt completely unnecessary (No need to mention numerous times about which food is artificially manufactured and which is not, one or two times was enough, thanks!).  So with the information overload it was slightly hard to initially get into the story. Admittedly some of that can probably be attributed to me not feeling well and being so easily distracted by every shiny object.


    So I honestly liked the world that Lackey did create, it had a similar feel to a few other YA dystopian books I have read before, The Hunger Games being probably the most notable. BUT there were many differences, and unique elements that set it apart, and truly made it shine. I really liked the idea of Hunters, these people who had different magical abilities, one universal one being that they had hounds from the Otherworld at their control. The hounds themselves were probably my favorite thing about this story! They were mysterious, otherworldly creatures that worked with their Hunter to destroy all the monsters from the Otherworld that were causing havoc in the human world. Each hound was unique, and even more so when you looked from Hunter to Hunter. I really loved that one of the MC, Joy's abilities enabled her to actually talk with her hounds. That was a super cool addition!


 Just add these to the list of fantasy creatures I want to be real and be mine!


   I also liked the mish-mash of mythological creatures that they were fighting against. Many I have heard of before, some I have not, and some unique to just this story. It was a fun mix of lots of different baddies to fight! And I have been given yet another reason give garden gnomes a wary eye lol.



  Joy was a great leading lady, powerful, smart, kind, and humble. The inner monologues didn't really bother me because it seemed to fit her character well. She was a very analytical and reticent type of person, so without being privy to her inner thoughts we would have been pretty lost. It was also a good route to go considering she was an outsider in a foreign place that operated very differently than what she was used to, and she knew ahead of time to be cautious about certain things. I was rather glad to see that she was smart about everything, from the persona she knew she had to put on, to her slow budding relationships with new people. This was someone that you didn't have trouble envisioning surviving the rougher situations she was put into, because you knew she always kept her eyes sharp and her emotions and brain even sharper.


   The story didn't end on a cliffhanger, which was nice, but it did leave lots room for things to come in the second book. I think the second book has the potential to either make of break this series for me. Hunter was a solid foundation book, and I really hope to see great things from the next book. There is a lot of potential here for AWESOME things, and I definitely want to see where the story goes next.



   I received a copy of this book from Disney-Hyperion via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review