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The Return - Justine Eyre, Paul Boehmer, Jennifer L. Armentrout






    I finally read Seth's book......and it was AWESOME! Seriously. As soon as I found out JLA was doing an NA spin-off series from, one of my all time favorites, the Covenant series, I was so pumped! Especially knowing that Seth was to be the main character. Even in some of his more douche moments in the Covenant books, I still really liked Seth. He was always a wealth of witty banter and he was mostly the fun kind of trouble. And while some of that classic Seth is apparent in The Return, we also get to see a more serious, grown up version of Seth. Even though this story is set roughly a year or so from the last Covenant book, having been through all he has, it's taken a toll on him. As much as I loved the sly, mischievous Seth, I quite liked the seriousness that he has now too, I think that I would be disappointed if all the things in his past hadn't taken a toll on him.


    ***Side note: If you haven't read the Covenant series I STRONGLY recommend doing so before you start The Return. While JLA does give you a basic run down of the past in this book, it in no way begins to do justice to such an incredible series. I really wish I would have re-read it before I started this one. ***



    A lot of my favorite side characters from Covenant also made their way into the Return. I was so glad to see Luke and Deacon again, and of course Apollo!! Still one of my favorite elements in all of these stories is the Greek mythology. I just love seeing that in a present day setting. There's something so alluring to me about this, almost magical kind of world, carrying on right under poor unsuspecting mortal's noses. I have always been super interested by the Greek Gods in general. So this whole story is just win/win for me.


    Honestly the only reason this wasn't a 5 star rating from me is because, being a first book in a series, it does start out a little slow. It has a lot of world building to do, and I get that, in addition it has some back story to cover from the previous series here too. It's not to say it was boring at the beginning, because that's far from the way it was. I often feel this way about most first books in a series. I appreciate that world building a lot though when things usually pick up a ton in the second book and you have to keep up with a flowing stream of action.


    I have to say that I appreciated this series being for a more mature audience than the YA Covenant books. It kind of felt like the story truly grew in maturity along with the characters. It wasn't overly done, it was just enough to seam realistic to the age and life experiences of the characters. I really loved that we got to see some stuff that was totally new to this world thus far too, yay for Demi-Gods!!! What a fan-freaking-tastic addition that is sure to be! All in all I am very pleased with the start of the Titan series, and I CAN'T FREAKING WAIT to see more. Like seriously JLA, Feburary 2016, why do you hate me?!