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Hello. My name is Tricia, and I have an addiction, an addiction to fiction. Fellow addicts, I welcome you with open arms. Blogger over @ bookwormcoalition.wordpress.com

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   Yeah, you! Hello all my new booklikes buddies! I'm glad some people started shinning a light on the fact that it can be rather challenging on here to find fellow bloggers who are active and just waiting for the chance to share their passion for books with others. I'm totally with ya!



 I love hearing what you all are reading and loving/hating right now! I have read so many incredible stories thanks to some of your fabulous reviews, so thank you! Anyone who recently started following, or anyone I already have chatted with before as well, please feel free to introduce yourself, or strike up any conversation. I would love to get a chance to know all of you a little better! So for now I leave you with a simple.....


 Who doesn't like a good Golden Girl's quote, am I right?! Just kidding, I know I'm old and stuff, but the message still applies :)