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The Offer - Karina Halle



   Gahhhhhhh!!  I think I had such high expectations because, for one, it's Karina Halle and I adore her, and secondly because I read and LOVED The Pact, same group of characters but different MCs, and I mean I honestly put that one on my favorites shelf. So I think I set the bar so high for this one that it was almost inevitable that it would not fully reach the extent of my expectations.


   I did really looked forward to this story line, being that Nicola was a single mom, and that's something I can understand, as well a being with a man that decides to build a life with you and your child. For the most part that aspect didn't disappoint, it was a pretty good depiction of some of the struggles and feelings that a single mom can go through.


"I know he sounds so breezy about the whole thing but, then again, how can he understand what this means to me? So many years and no one has done something like this, no one has ever thought of me and Ava that much. It's then that I realize how tired I am, how much I've been pushed to the side, how much I've pushed myself to the side. It feels so fucking good to have someone care about us."


  Halle always seems to do a fabulous job at capturing the full scope of a person, a nice mix of naughty and nice. She puts flaws out there and I'm always thankful for that. Perfection can be boring. I think we have all made mistakes in the past, and will make more in the future, it's part of life, and sometimes the best things come out of learning from a previous failure. I really appreciated that aspect of the story. 


   One part of both of The Offer and The Pact that I really like are that they are dealing with characters in their 30s. With NA being such a huge thing right now it's kind of nice to also see some stories like these that deal with things that are definitely relevant to where I am in my life now. I quite enjoy the feeling in them that it's okay to be 30 and still figuring things out. When you're younger I think you have this image in your head of 30 like all your boxes will be checked by then, established in your career, married, children, homeowner, etc. but in reality things can end up quite different than you initially expected. And you know what, sometimes that's not only ok, sometimes it's great, and sometimes it just takes a little longer to get the things you want, and other times you may realize the things you wanted then aren't necessarily the things you want now. It's nice to see those realities explored in stories.


   All in all The Offer was a good read and, as always, I look forward to seeing what Halle comes up with next.