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White Hot Kiss - Jennifer L. Armentrout


   You know, I think my favorite thing about this book was Roth. He was funny, naughty, and at the same time always seemed to be there and come through for Layla. Ironic that he was literally the demon of the story. Also pretty awesome that his bad ass snake's name was Bambi.


   I really liked that this story was about Gargoyles. I have never read anything involving them before, so that was definitely unique. It was neat that they were basically the defenders of humanity against the demons. I liked that they were already out in the open amongst the humans, but the demons were still operating under the radar. It made it interesting to see how they worked at eradicating the demon problem while still keeping humans unaware of the demonic presence.


   I'm still kind of on the fence about Layla, to be honest. She's a little more meek than I expected, but I think there is going to be some character growth there in the coming books, so I can get on board with her if that is the case. And I have to say it, Zayne wasn't all that for me either. I felt like there was more tell and less show when it came to him being so close to Layla. He seemed pretty busy doing his own thing in a lot of this book. There is a definite huge set up for a love triangle, which I usually don't mind so much, but I typically prefer to actually struggle myself with which one I think the heroine should go for, and in this book there wasn't even a question, it was Roth hands down.


    I have pretty high hopes that the next book, Stone Cold Touch, will be even better. I am a huge JLA fan so I have faith that the next installment will deliver her usually touch of awesome.