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The Sandman - Erin Kellison



    Whoa! Being the second to last book in the series I knew that big, crazy things were going to happen, but I was in no way prepared for everything that went down in The Sandman! Seriously.



   I have grown to really love these characters, and with this addition of the series I now understand that I have no idea what the hell is going to happen to any of them! Things keep looking bleaker and bleaker for this gang of misfits, and really the whole world at large!



   We did get to see more than we have of the Sandman in this book, but it was honestly a lot less than I had anticipated. Although the damage he inflicts is in no way in shortage here. By the end of this story I feel like this entire situation is completely FUBAR and I have no clue how the next, and last book is going to wrap everything up. And I am now so worried about anyone making it through to the end!



   This was non stop action packed with plenty of crazy twists and turns. A don't miss for sure! Now I'll just be here, very nervously, awaiting what Kellison will wallop us with next!



        I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review