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Feed - Mira Grant


    This was actually a hard one to rate. The last 150 pages was easily the best, and most exciting in the whole book. And at nearly 600 pages....let's just say that was a lot of build up for the action to really start. At least 200 pages too much build up if you ask me. If I'm being honest, I just think it ended up feeling excessive, and like the story would have been stronger if I wasn't quite frequently trying to power read to get to the good parts. 




   I will say that I found this story to be really unique though. I really liked to get such a different version of a zombie story. I mean really, it's kind of hard to call this a Zombie story, when the zombies for the most part weren't necessarily the focus of this story, they felt more like just another part of daily life in the new world, a dangerous part, but still kind of just a fact of life. It was actually very well done how the author brought you to that same level of enlightenment that the characters were at. This was 20+ years after the zombies came to be, so for most of these main characters, this way of life (with Zombies, and all the aftereffects of such) was completely normal to them. They never knew anything different. I've never read a story like that before. Especially one that depicts a world that went on, meaning that there was still civilization. Different areas had fallen to the undead, but there were still safe (as safe as one can get amidst zombies anyway) communities. That alone made this story unique. Life was going on even among the dead.


   I also liked the way the world after was. I thought it was neat to see how the bloggers came to be a real source of, well everything! Anything from the news, to entertainment. That was super cool. It also felt like something that wasn't exactly far fetched after everything that had happened. That element alone was enough enticement for me to want to read this book! I liked following this trio of bloggers, even though I didn't necessarily like all of them that much.



   George was kind of hard for me to relate to, and she was the real voice in this book. She just felt kind of as emotionally removed in life as she was in the news she reported. I don't know if that was because of her profession or that's just what made her so good at what she did, but either way, it took something away from the story for me. It always kept me at arms length. I did really like George's brother Shaun though. He was very interesting to me, and he seemed to have a little more emotional depth than George. I am really excited to hear that he is the voice of the second book! That, and the fact that I already own this whole trilogy, has me ready to read book 2. Maybe not right away, but sometime soon anyways.


     So all in all.....I'd say that the first 400 or so pages was closer to a 2 star rating, but the last 100-200 were easily 4 stars and worth the wait. So all together I guess it's somewhere around 3 stars as a whole. I really hope that the next book steps it up a little with the action. It appears to be about the same as this one length wise, and I will be disappointed if it doesn't deliver more.