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The Dreamer (The Dreamerland Series Book 1) - E.J. Mellow



   OK so first off....that cover! Gorgeous right?! 




 Now in case you didn't know, I am super interested in books/movies/pretty much anything to do with dreams. It's such a neat concept for so many reasons. Dreams have the power to effect you in such powerful ways, whether it be a nightmare that has you quaking under the covers, or a spouse cheating dream that has you side eyeing that SOB like crazy in the morning, or even something magical that has you wanting to stay in your dream world for just a little while longer and avoiding the not so magical reality of a blaring alarm clock. Either way they can move you. The Dreamer explores just that, but in a really cool way.


   Molly is such a down to Earth character. The seemingly mundane routine of her life makes her seem like someone you could easily know in the real world, and her sweet, kind of sassy way makes you think she could be someone you would also be friends with. It doesn't take long though for things to get quite....electric. Suddenly Molly finds herself having some of the most vivid dreams, which have her questioning pretty much everything.


    I fell in love with the dream world Molly traveled to each night. I found myself craving those scenes more and more as the story progressed, right along with Molly. I mean honestly, I'd say that girl had way more will power than I did, because if it were me, nothing short of emergency situations and bathroom / food breaks would have got my ass out of that bed.



   This dream world was so rich and vivid, I had no problem visualizing this beautiful land of wonder. From the sky full of shooting stars to the dreamy man candy awaiting Molly each night. It was a place full of mystery, intrigue, and possibility, and you couldn't help but to want....nay, NEED more of it!



   But like any true dream landscape, it has it's darker counterparts creeping in the shadows. Molly slowly learns that this dream world is so much more than she could have ever imagined and the effects from it start making serious waves in the waking world. As new relationships bloom at night, the day time ones seem to suffer.


   I find the two love interests in Molly's life to be comparable to the worlds they hail from. Jared, the guy she is dating by day, seems to fit right in to her simple life comfortably. I can't say that there was anything I didn't like about the guy, he was sweet, thoughtful and a gentleman. I just got the feeling that something was missing between them. Their relationship felt very uncomplicated and safe. Devlin is a stark contrast to Jared in just about every way. He is as dark and mysterious as the nighttime land he is from. There is one thing that is for certain, Dev and Molly have an instant blazing chemistry that leaps of the pages. Dev is unpredictable, and he incites such visceral reactions from Molly. It's hard for me to not lean towards team Dev.....sorry Jared.


   I wish I could say more about the incredible world that Mellow has created here, but I wouldn't want to rob you the experience of finding these things out for yourself. All I can really say is that it was VERY intriguing and unique. And just like any great dream, The Dreamer seemed over way before I was ready to let it go. I will definitely be painstakingly awaiting the chance to emerge myself back in this captivating universe that Mellow has created.



   I received a copy of this book from the author because she's a fabulous person like that, but fear not, her personal awesomeness didn't have any bearing on how AMAZING I thought this book was!!