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The Hobbit - J.R.R. Tolkien



    Like so many. I really liked this book. It was seriously a really fun fantasy book, with rich engaging characters and funny, witty banter. The only reason there is any problem with it whatsoever.....because I watched the freaking movies first and they were incredible. I went into this book with such high expectations, it's no wonder that I feel, at least a little, let down. I mean this story was split up into, not 1, not 2, but 3....3 EPIC MOVIES. So it was so hard for me to see that condensed in a few hundred pages, even though they really were a fantastic couple hundred pages. And were the hell was Legolas???



He's like one of my favorite characters! If he's not in The Lord of the Rings books, I'm going to be pissed! Seriously.


    I really like Bilbo too though, the reluctant hero always resonates just a little more with me. It makes them more down to Earth, and I dig that. And Smaug was everything I hoped he would be! I'm sorry, I know I am probably not supposed to like him, but I do. One of my favorite parts was his repartee with dear Bilbo.



     All in all this was a rather quick, fun read. I only wish I would have read this book before having experienced the movies, I think it would have made a much....muchier

impression than it did.



I do have slightly higher hopes for the LOTR books though, they seem quite a bit heftier. But Legolas better be there. That's all I'm sayin'.