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My very own reading nook!! A work in progress....


   So because my guy is totally awesome, and I had a big birthday last week, he decided that he was going to do something amazing and build me my very own reading nook in our spare room!! After a weekend of hard work, we finally finished the whole frame and shelving unit. Here are some pictures of what we accomplished! 











 Isn't it a beauty??!! I slaved over that wood (no dirty joke lol) I beat it, burned it, and then stained it to get that weathered, old look. It was my first time ever doing anything like that and I have to say, I am damn proud of how it turned out! I'm going to be busy making some cool stuff to put in there now, but I am super excited about it. Once I have everything done inside and fill all my shelves I will post some more pics!! I just can't wait to have everything completely finished so I can cuddle up in there with a good book!